@ Heavy horizontal machine

@ Heavy horizontal machine

Product description:

This series is suitable for heavy-duty horizontal lathe castings, steel and nonferrous large and medium-sized parts processing, turning cylindrical bore, grooving, drilling, boring and nesting, and to turning Metric , a variety of internal and external thread inch, module and diametral pitch, etc., are available on the vehicle turret alone cut short conical surface, but also to spend turret turning and longitudinal feed with long conical surface. Machine power, rigidity, speed range, enables high-speed powerful cutting!

Minter (Qingdao) Heavy Duty Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Main: heavy duty horizontal lathe, large horizontal lathes, CNC roll lathes, CNC lathes end face, large floor lathe, the bulk of lathes, milling machines grinding combination, welcome new and old customers of the former come to buy.

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Minter (Qingdao) Heavy Duty Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the best lathe manufacturer, is a set design and development, production, sales, service as one of professional manufacturers, with many years of production of large floor lathe, the bulk of lathes, heavy-duty CNC rich practical experience horizontal lathes, CNC lathes end face, large vertical lathes, heavy machine tools, special machine flange, Minter machine is absorbing and digesting foreign advanced technology, aimed at the world's advanced level of design and development. The company is located in the beautiful coastal city - Qingdao, located in Qingdao Chengyang Green large industrial park, according to East Laoshan scenic area, two kilometers north Liuting International Airport, west of Green Bank Expressway, north Jinan-Qingdao export, superior geographical environment, and convenient transportation. Leading products include various models of large-scale piece, split floor lathe, heavy duty horizontal lathe, vertical lathe and other special tools, but also for the design of non-standard equipment according to the special requirements of high technology content, reasonable structure, steel strong, superior performance, and energy efficient over the years selling the country, favored by the users produced a series of lathes mainly suitable for wind power machinery, textile machinery, mining machinery, chemical machinery, foundry machinery, rubber machinery, tire mold, boiler and pressure vessel, various flanges, fittings, valves and disc type, large diameter of the workpiece machining, can turning various internal and external cylindrical surface, conical surface, end surface and the curved arc of large parts, etc. forming surface. In the company 'expertise in thinking, honesty in row, reaching product' business philosophy to 'open, science, innovation, collaboration, "the spirit of enterprise, to provide customers with excellent machine tool products. We regard product quality as the enterprise Life, quality assured and better quality of service, is Minter commitment to each customer's machine tool company in order to 'best quality, lowest price, best service' of commitment, is willing to cooperate sincerely with you, and sincerely hope the majority of users to understand and use our products, to carry out more extensive cooperation. customer's development and success, is the eternal source of power Minter machine, we willing to sophisticated products and quality service for your business to contribute to the development.