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Edifier / Edifier | H185P Earphone Earphone | In-ear Bass Wired Microphone Wired Phone Headset

Edifier / Edifier | H185P Earphone Earphone | In-ear Bass Wired Microphone Wired Phone Headset
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Edifier / Edifier H185P
  • Package type: official standard
  • Sensitivity: 112dB / mW
  • Impedance: 32Ω
  • Color classification: Ferrari red sky blue
  • Wearing: earplugs
  • Headset Type: Wired
  • Whether the microphone: with wheat
  • Headphones after-sales service: Genius
  • Plug diameter: 3.5mm
  • Headphone plug type: straight type
  • Headphone output audio source: portable audio-visual
  • Cable length: 1.3M
  • Headset categories: ordinary headphones
  • Brand: Edifier / Edifier
  • Edifier Headset Model: H185P

Default gift: headset package

Gift 1: headset package

Gift 2: Splitter

Gift 3: 1 points two couples head

Excellent sound quality: H185P The Edifier Classic Ear H185Developed on the basis of excellent electro-acoustic unit showing the level of sound quality has been highly recognized by the market: low-frequency vigorous strong, full-filled voice, very Naiting.

Appearance of cool : H185P There are Ferrari red, electro-optic blue two color, fashion beautiful, personality highlights;

Compatible phone earbuds : H185P Is a specially developed for the smart phone users high-quality earplugs, enjoy high-fidelity music at the same time to take into account the mobile communication. H185P Excellent compatibility, almost able to connect IPhone , Samsung, HTC , Nokia, Motorola, Sony, BlackBerry, Meizu, millet, Huawei, and other mainstream brands of all the market 3.5 mm Audio interface phone, but also access MP3 , MP4 , PC , PAD , Composite jack notebook and other audio sources.
Edifier H185P high-quality communications earplugs - music calls correct

Mobile phones have become an indispensable tool in people's lives, they are no longer confined to the traditional call, text messaging, audio and video entertainment has gradually replaced the traditional MP3, MP4, a new generation of smart phones and even began to erode traditional computer applications. With the popular mobile phone market, the importance of mobile phone headset has become increasingly prominent.Walker always concerned about consumer demands, the new H185P listed earplugs is a smart phone for users to develop high-quality mobile phone earplugs, access to high-fidelity sound quality Enjoy while also taking into account the mobile phone communications.

Two color design, stylish cool
H185P continuation Edifier has always been excellent workmanship, shape cool fashion.It inherited the appearance of H185 earplugs Smart, and Ferrari red, electro-optic blue two beautiful color optional, each of the Kind of color has a unique personality, exquisite and stylish.

Listen to sense of excellence, enhance the phone sound quality

Edifier in the audio field has a profound accumulation, in addition to multimedia speakers and car audio, but also established a complete headset product line, showing consumers a large number of high-quality headset products by the Edifier classic earplug H185 developed on the basis of H185P, its sound quality performance is also far more than the same price competing products.

Edifier H185P using 15mm high-performance neodymium magnetic monomer, effectively enhance the performance of dynamic sound field, 6 micron ultra-thin diaphragm, the big increase in the sound resolution and detail of expression, to bring users to the quality of performance.

Edifier H185P also uses a hidden air guide design, its principle is similar to the speaker subwoofer inverters, can effectively expand the low-frequency. Overall, H185P low-frequency vigorous and powerful, full-frequency sound rich, high frequency extension, Performance and resolution are very good, so that mobile phone users can enjoy the charm of high-fidelity music.

Excellent call quality, excellent compatibility

Of course, as a headset with both call products, Cruiser H185P both in terms of call quality or compatibility are excellent performance.It integrates a simple style of high sensitivity remote control, the control button for the entire microphone cover, Directly press the microphone cover the middle part of the phone can be realized and control the playback of music and other functions, whether it is daily listening to music or voice communications, or for WeChat, siri, etc. are very fun.
Compatibility, Edifier H185P ear plugs with 3.5mm four-pole plug, through the standard adapter cable can be almost connected to the iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Motorola, Sony, Huawei, Lenovo, millet and all the mainstream brands such as 3.5mm MP4, PC, PAD, notebook and other audio sources (when access iPad and single-hole laptop can be achieved when the network call), and can also be connected to a variety of audio sources, And it has a 112db high sound pressure level, the source is not picky eaters, easy to promote, anytime, anywhere to enjoy the sounds of music and convenient voice delivery.

Key function example:

Pause playback of songs and videos: Press the center button once to pause playback, press again to resume playback.
Select the next song Method 1: press the center button twice (such as iPhone)
Select the next song Method 2: long press a central button (such as millet)

Return to the previous song Method 1: press the center button three times (such as iPhone)
Return to the previous song Method two: quickly short press a central button, and then long press (such as millet)

To answer a call: Press the center button when there is an incoming call.
Hang up the phone: Press the center button during a call.

Note: the line is suitable for iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Meizu, millet, Huawei and other mobile phones, even transfer cable for Nokia, Sony, Sony Ericsson, Lenovo, ZTE, Jin Li and other mobile phones. And remote control button function with the mobile phone brands, models, system versions vary, please consumers to verify, will not list them one by one)

Wire, the Edifier H185P ear for both sides of the long outlet design, 1.3 m high-quality anti-winding TPE line, soft and flexible, not easy to winding, cold weather is not hard.
In addition to sound quality and sound effects, the wearing comfort is also a measure of the pros and cons of a headset or not important factors. Edifier H185P ear plugs with tilt after the outlet, so the wire can be clever to avoid ear protruding parts, the angle of the handle just stick Co-ear contours, wearing a very comfortable.
Edifier H185P also comes with a pair of sponge earrings, for different color matching ear plugs are black and white, easy to replace, clean.In addition to effectively prevent leakage of sound, so that more balanced tri-band, the sound is more vigorous Dunshi, the sponge ear Sets can also increase the comfort of wearing, prolonged use will not feel tired.
The H185P is a high-quality fashion earphone developed by Walker for smartphone users. It has the excellent quality of Edifier Stereo headphones, and can enjoy high-fidelity music while taking into account the mobile phone communication function, and its strong compatibility To expand its scope of application.Connecting simple, easy to use, not only simplify your music life, but also enhance the performance of mobile phone music playback, and truly become your intimate mobile phone companion.