Cool Beanie baby crib baby bed fence fence fence 1.8 m bed bedside Universal Queen fence baffle

Cool Beanie baby crib baby bed fence fence fence 1.8 m bed bedside Universal Queen fence baffle

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: kooldoo / Cool Peas
  • Suitable Mattress height: General
  • Length: 180cm
  • Color Classification: ONLY Blue Rabbit excellent 1 m 5 m 5 1 bear ONLY excellent excellent 1 m yellow lion ONLY ONLY 5 Kaka Bear outstanding 1 m 5 pink rabbit ONLY excellent treasure blue cat ONLY 1 m 5 m 5 Story ONLY 1 Excellent Excellent 1 pastoral Excellence 5 m 1 m 5 green ONLY ONLY brown monkey outstanding 8 1 meter rabbit bear ONLY outstanding 8 1 meter 1 meter yellow lion ONLY excellent excellent 8 8 1 meter Story ONLY ONLY Kaka bear outstanding 8 1 meter pink rabbit treasure ONLY excellent 8 1 meter excellent blue cat ONLY ONLY 1.8 meter garden green brown monkey outstanding 8 1 meter
  • Height is adjustable: Adjustable
  • Product Number: K15

Excellent version guardrail highlights

  • [Height 72cm]Excellent version greater heights, difficult to find online competitors, standing baby is safe, my mother more at ease.
  • [Design] lift The new built-in lift design, beautiful and practical and safe.
  • [Down] button to turnReject the traditional pull-down turn, push-button with less effort.
  • Imitation of his mother [design]Pour in the barricade encircling design, more closely aligns the bed, like a mother embracing the same, let your baby feel more secure.
  • Pendant buckle [design]Can hang bottles, dolls and the like, there is a very intimate wood.
  • [Mattress] can be used more than 3cmCompared to more than 5cm guardrail online use more generic. Bohou mattresses are common, they are not afraid to change the bed.
  • 【note】It will form an angle with the ground under the fence after folding turn. When almost no angle on the height requirements of the bed is about 36cm ~~
  • Note: You need to embed between the mattress and the bed void embedding at least one finger to a depth less than 18CM!!

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Due to end of the bed with a bed frame and other factors, the actual length of 1.8 meters fence can not be installed in the end of the bed
So the actual length of 1.8 m fence is about 1.76 m, 1.5 m length of the fence is about 1.46 meters