Special than music drifting outdoor waterproof bag | Diving bag | Large swimming wallet phone camera waterproof housing units

Special than music drifting outdoor waterproof bag | Diving bag | Large swimming wallet phone camera waterproof housing units

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Are malls the same paragraph: Yes
  • Color Classification: T-019B white T-019C blue T-019B sand through T-019C orange T-019B black T-019C cyan T-019B brown T-019B yellow T-019B blue T-019B light blue pink T-019B T-019C T-019C white pink T-019B brown orange T-019C T-019C T-019C black sand permeability
  • Brand: tteoobl / special than music
  • Item No: T-019C
  • made in China
  • To apply a gender: unisex
  • Price tag: 88
  • Sports & Outdoors items: Upstream rafting tour
  • Time to market: Spring 2013

T-019C T-019B is a new upgraded models, more stylish design, water depth of up to 20 meters deep!

Product parameters:

Brand: Tteoobl / special than music
Name: waterproof bag debris
Model: T-019C
Weight: 92G (remove packaging)
Effective use of space: length 23.5CM * 17.6CM * Width 0.35 mm thick material
Suitable: store debris splashing water protection purposes
Color: blue, orange, white, black, blue, pink, brown, frosted transparent colors.
Water depth: 20m to be safe
Origin: China Guangdong
Warranty: Since the date of purchase within 3 years
Material: high quality material + ABS PolyVinyl Chloride
Patented product imitation reserved

Multi-patented waterproofing system of insurance, access to national patents


Pouch big appetite, a lot of installation With convenient, do not take place, tourism outdoor essential dabble

Recommended reason
Currently, many people not only like wading in mountain climbing, in order to allow more people to share their joy during play, or video camera shooting became them indispensable a way, therefore, the camera or camera protective cover they welcomed the emergence of many photographers and travel enthusiasts.
Camera lifejacket, if not accidentally fell into the water can float on water. The new material and special manufacturing process, are immune to salt damage, it can be used in seawater. This product is a UV-resistant, plastic, rubber part for Free to harden, crack.
product advantages
1, for swimming, rafting and diving and other outdoor activities within 5-10 meters deep 100% waterproof, submersible answer the phone or camera, and can drift water can be used for diving enthusiasts, field workers and rafting
2, screen and camera bags, shooting basically no difference, 100% completely sealed. Because fully enclosed, moisture, dust, mud, sand, snow, oil, it can not harm the camera in a protective case can be directly manipulated. this product can eliminate the digital camera at the beach and the sea water play, into the sand problem. so you want to shoot, play.
3, waterproof and dustproof seal design, stable and reliable, regardless of the south, north, desert, mountains and streams, swimming beach, can provide reliable protection for your digital camera by the TPU cold material production, so that the digital camera from wind, frost , crimes against rain, snow, dust, spray, vapor heat, perspiration and the like, and then you do not have to worry about throwing mad Songkran, Hainan rainstorm, Lushan's misty, rainy Qingdao, Shanghai wet, drifting waves, beach Spa pool of people frolicking, desert sand and dust filled the wonders of the environment and tourism and so on good projects donkey may harm the phone.
4, go to the sauna, rafting, swimming, etc., no longer have to worry about no camera / cell phone around to worry. Do not worry the phone will be rain water and troubled Put your camera / cell phone loaded into the bag inside, like you've got a guardian angel like cynical, never because the camera / cell phone was flooded and distressed, I feel wasted, all the troubles are gone
Buyer must read
1. Our products are all taken in kind, due to ambient light or display reasons, may be a slight deviation, please prevail in kind.
2. If you have any questions before buying, please consult me, so as to avoid dissent after purchase, I will patiently answer your questions in case I do not, please leave a message; direct shot, then please also communicate with the seller to confirm .
Please refer carefully before purchase 3. Products and products, and inform your camera brand and model, or you can specify photographed Remarks, freight prices can refer below shipping Product template, inconvenience please you understanding .
4. If you did not receive the baby, or receive the baby have quality problems, or if you are not satisfied with the place for baby, please do not immediately give in the assessment and negative feedback, because the assessment and Poor in fact can not solve your questions, please contact me immediately! Buyers make every praise, I cherish, I'll put yourself in your best interest to give you a satisfactory solution, please trust me. If not for my reasons evaluation cause disputes, in order to store precious reputation way I can use to resolve the complaint.
5. The provinces can also send the logistics, but also faster, 3 to 5 days, freight is relatively affordable. (Recommendation bulk purchase customers)
6. You can also send surface mail is shipped through the post office. Usually 7-15 days to destination, from your neighborhood post office will notify you to pick up (not recommended, two words (too slow) and sometimes they might also 30-to-day,
7. The latent Guangzhou Pa Sporting Goods (small sources)! Wish you a happy shopping!
To make it safe to use this product, we combine the user's experience, the following will introduce you to use items that need attention
1. Please confirm receipt of the product the appearance of non-destructive, not cut or stabbed, etc. before use;
2, taking into account the quality of transport and other links that may occur, so before the first launching, please do not put electronic items, first put it inside with paper towels or absorbent article can lock seal, and sneaked into the phase corresponding depth, do not worry, this is to make you more proficient at operating!
3. Do not put items to the top of the seal, otherwise it is not sealed tight!
4, we are ready in the factory security check, please do not force to test the water pressure waterproof bag in time, so one-sided force, easy to be destroyed in the sea water pressure is 360 even by force.
5, pay attention to sealing sealing flat bag, fold to prevent voids, exhausted from the water taken out waterproof, waterproof seal downwardly open, allowing water to flow down the dry, remove the electronic items, avoid residual moisture in when you open the bag flows, mistaken product issues.
6, if you are diving taken to exclude the air bag, the bag if there is air in the water will cause excessive pressure difference, a small amount of air does not affect use.
7, electronic items to be squeezed out into the air after a reclosable favor of fixed items, because there is no space, Items will not run around, such as electronic equipment on the lens, the lens can also be successfully aligned with the lens window.
8, do not open the flash will be reflective! Diving less flash, visibility is super good.
9, please use when emptying the air bag (diving and swimming because if you do not have to exclude air buoyancy, will become a life-saving ball), resulting in a reaction force, fit buckle, not too tight, not excessive exercise pull , likely to cause excessive pulling the package with body bags and the strain breakage, in the case of man pull the bad damage the company can not provide after-sales.
10, clean after each use with clean water, let it dry, dried packet in a piece of paper, do not put sun exposure!
Thank you for your support and cooperation, I wish you a pleasant journey!
The latent Guangzhou Pa Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.
The Tteoobl special than music waterproofing products for special commodities, to be safe, easy to absorb water before use with items (such as paper towels) and put it inside a depth corresponding to sneak into the corresponding time in the test, to ensure that no problems then loaded valuables, otherwise any loss peril. Do not water the use of time more than five hours, it marked a depth of about test data, due to different factors, such as weather changes, the process of using different temperatures, seawater or freshwater and so different buoyancy and depth data for the marked change occurred uncertain if the quality problems the company only provide return service. purchased the product is deemed to have accepted the view and all the content of the company including this notice.