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High-quality 20W hot melt glue gun hand-made tools DIY hand-made bow hair ornaments material

High-quality 20W hot melt glue gun hand-made tools DIY hand-made bow hair ornaments material
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Mo Mo jewelry
  • Color Classification: Black 20W Simple Packaging Recommend Buy
  • Material: glue gun
  • Condition: New
  • The price range: 10-19.99 yuan
  • Item: glue gun

Black shell redesign, foreign trade goods, work more refined, feel better than blue, simple packaging, cost-effective, recommended to buy.Because it is OEM production, domestic sales without any trademark patent information.

The basic one-time use of packaging will only increase the cost of foreigners more real, pay attention to practical

Blue for the old models die, a plastic packaging

Pro-glue gun has a certain use of skills, orange plastic feed rod at the glue bar is not easy to use due to the temperature of the glue gun, premature feeding, resulting in plastic rod deformation, but can not feed, glue gun power directly push the case Feeding, will be sent to the deformation that is good

1. glue gun for the first time the first use of electricity heating 5 minutes, and then into the stick, gun hall in the air, more squeeze a few emptying (or directly to the inside to send plastic filled empty).

2. Orange feed sticks because the gun hall did not meet the use of temperature, force is too large, likely to cause deformation of plastic rods, resulting in feeding can not glue, for a stick or deformation of the re-cut into place to solve the problem

3. glue gun has a certain use of skills, excessive internal pressure is easy to increase leakage of plastic, more than a few times, will be able to master.

Common sense: After the indicator lights, please warm up for 10 minutes

Hot sol gun working principle is caused by electric heating to dissolve the working state of the glue gun will slowly drop a few drops of glue is the normal principle, most of the glue gun on the market is not a quality problem !!!
Long time not to use the proposal to turn off the power! After the end of the attention in the extrusion sol is very important to control the sol not to stay outside the muzzle! (US film with video tutorial)
Learning to master a tool is more important!

Mind a friend please do not buy as well!

(Name): D20W glue gun is simple and safe

(Size): glue gun about 13X11Cm line length of about 1.4 meters

(A price): 15 yuan / to

(Colour): In-kind shooting, we try to keep the primary colors, not through the PS software to change color, such as completely can not accept the color of the customer, please carefully purchase!

(use): Applicable to all kinds of clothing, DIY hair ornaments bow tie and so on!