High quality hot melt glue gun 20W indispensable tool for DIY handmade hand | hair accessories Material

High quality hot melt glue gun 20W indispensable tool for DIY handmade hand | hair accessories Material

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Momo Jewelry
  • Color Classification: Black 20W Simple packaging Recommended Buy
  • Material: glue gun
  • Condition: New
  • Price range: 10-19.99 yuan
  • Item: glue gun

Black shell redesigned foreign goods, more refined workmanship, feeling better than blue, easy packing, high cost, recommended purchase. Because it is OEM production, domestic sales without any patent and trademark information.

The basic package costs an additional one-time use only, gringo more concrete, very practical

Blue old section of the mold with plastic packaging

Pro-glue gun has some tips, send glue sticks orange material at vulnerable glue gun does not reach operating temperature, feeding prematurely, resulting in deformation of glue stick, and can not feed, when powered glue gun glue stick directly pushed by hand feeding, will send deformations that is good too

1. glue gun for the first time are energized for 5 minutes, then add glue sticks, guns synagogues air, squeeze a few more empty (or sent directly by hand inside plastic fill empty).

2. orange feed at the gun glue stick because the Church does not reach operating temperature, excessive force, likely to cause deformation of glue stick, resulting in not feeding without glue, replace it with a glue stick or deformation of the cut reinsert solve the problem

3. The glue gun has some tips, excessive force internal pressure increases easily leak adhesive, the use of a few, will be able to master.

Common sense: The lights are on, preheat 10 minutes

Sol heat gun works by electrically heated to melt the electrical connection to extend the work of state glue gun slowly drip out a few drops of glue is normal principle, the market most of the case is not a glue gun quality problems !!!
Turn off the power for a long time do not use the recommended! Sol after extrusion note ending is very important not to remain under the control of the sol at gunpoint outside! (US shoot video tutorial)
Learn to master a tool even more important!

Please do not mind to buy a good friend!

(Name): D20W easy to glue gun safe

(Size): about 13X11 glue gunCm Cord length 1.4 m

(A price): 15 yuan / put

(Colour): Kind shooting, we try to maintain color, without software PS changed color as totally unacceptable color customers buy carefully!

(use): For a variety of clothing, DIY headdress hair accessories bow bonding etc.!