Digital Leeb Hardness Tester

Digital Leeb Hardness Tester

Product description:

Digital Leeb hardness tester is developed Leeb hardness measurement principle based on the internationally popular metal material hardness tester. It has high accuracy, small size, easy to operate, and a wide range of measurement, especially for large, heavy-duty malleable pieces, example: roll turbine shaft, and applied to the components already installed and can not be demolished, for example. : site hardness testing of pressure vessels, turbine units and other equipment. Leeb hardness tester is widely used in petrochemical, aerospace, electric power, gas, automotive, shipbuilding, railways, machinery manufacturing and other industries.

Measurement accuracy of ±8HL ( HLD=800 5 point arithmetic average )

Operating Temperature: 0~40℃

Storage temperature: -20~50℃

Operating voltage: 4.7V~6.0V

Power Supply: 4 Section 1100mAH rechargeable battery

Charging power: not more than 200mA

Weight: 580g (with D impact device)

Host Dimension: 233 * 91 * 31 (mm)

Specifications: Φ40 * 44 rolls of printing paper printing paper

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