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DIY photo album accessories | posted 24 hardcover paper angle into | phase angle photo | photo fixed stickers | photo corner stickers

Product code: -26110000030
Unit price 0.18$
Sold quantity 38250
Available stock 19043
Expired or Cancelled

Product parameters:

  • Can be incorporated Photos: 80 the following
  • Brand: Old Film
  • Gross Weight: 20g
  • Album Type: Bonded
  • Item No: JT-1/3
  • Color Classification: Wings of Love (JT-1) Clover (JT-2) Rainbow (JT-3) LOVE (24 pieces) pledge Star (24) crescent curved (24) Sunflower (24) cute little rabbit (new corner stickers) Teddy Bear (new corner stickers) cute little monkey (new corner stickers) Choi (24) clouds (24) flags (24) garden (24) love (24) 24 The new corner stickers 15 will not be repeated 24 new corner stickers 13 will not be repeated
  • Material: Paper

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