Chrome Oxide Green

Chrome Oxide Green

Product description:

1. Chemical and Physical Properties:
Product name: Chrome Oxide Green
Appearance: Light or dark green powder
EINECS NO.: 215-160-9
CAS No.: 1308-38-9
HS.Code: 2819900000
Molecular Formula: Cr2O3
Properties: Chrome oxide is a green crystal powder, metal luster, magnetic, good covering strength, high-temperature-resisting and sunlight fastness. Not soluble in water, barely soluble in acids, comparatively stable in air, unaffected by acids and alkalis of common density, sulfur dioxide, sulfur hydrogen etc. Chrome oxide green enjoys excellent quality and firmness of coloring.

2. Applications:
Chrome Oxide is used in smelting of metal chrome, as coloring agent of chrome carbide, enamel, glass, artificial leather and building material, as organic synthetic catalyst, in making of sunlight fastness coatings, special printing ink for paper money, making of polishing ointment and abrasive etc.
3. Specification:
Standard: HG/ T2775-2010

Cr 2 O 3 Content %
99.0 min
Moisture %
0.20 max
Water soluble matter %
0.30 max
Oil absorption (g/ 100g) %
15-25g/ 100g
Tinting strength %
100+/ -5
Residue on 325mesh) %
0.10 max
sexivalent chrome content%
0.005 max
PH Value (100g/ L suspension liquid) %
6-8 max
Color/ Appearance
Green powder

4. Package:
Chrome Oxide is packed in 25kgs, 50kgs woven bags lined with PE liner or as request.
20-24MT will be loaded in per 20'FCL container.
5. Attention and Storage:
Chrome Oxide shoud be stored in an airtight container, in a cool, ventilated place or specified place; Avoid taboo things.