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Boric Acid

Boric Acid
  • Boric Acid
  • Boric Acid
  • Boric Acid
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Boric Acid

Boric acid 99.6% GB530-90

Content of H3BO3% 99.6% min

B2O3 56.5% min

Water insoluble matter 0.01% max

Sulfate (as SO4) % 0.10 % max

Chloride (as Cl) % 0.05 % max

Fe% 0.002% max

Apearance: Colourless or white odourless crystalline solid

Packing: 25kg plastic woven bag, 22MT/ 20'FCL

Usage: It is chemical used for making ceramics, glazes, cements, wicks, food preservatives, special glasses; Also for leather dressing compounds for preparation of hides prior to tanning; Artificial precious stones; As flux in metallurgical industry, fire-proofing compositions and linings for safes; Also for pigments; Enamel paints, paper glazes, cosmetics, soaps, textiles, medicines, etc.