Aluminium Hydroxide Micro Powder

Aluminium Hydroxide Micro Powder

Product description:

Normal Aluminium Hydroxide
1. Molecular formula: Al (OH) 3
2. Specification:
AL (OH) 3: 99%min
Al3O2: 64.5%min
Fe: 0.02%max
SiO2: 0.02%max
Na2O: 0.30%max
Ignition loss: 34.5%min
Mositure: 0.3%max
3. Packing: 1000kg bag/ 25kg bag
4. Quantity/ 20'FCL: 25MTS (Non-Palletized)
Usage: Manufacture of aluminum oxide via baking, and is a raw material for the manufacture of aluminum salt, enemels, ceramics, glass appliances, and lubricating agents. Moreover, it is used in the manufacture of various catalyst carrier and pharmaceuticals. Besides, it is applied to rubber, plastics, fire retardants, waterproof fabrics, paper fillers etc.