special purpose machines for secondary processing

special purpose machines for secondary processing

Product description:

Automatic milling flat machine: special purpose machines for secondary processing

special purpose machines for secondary processing is suitable for processing flat metal shaft core flat bit cutting , automatic milling flat machine, also known as automatic milling flat machines, automatic milling machine , is dedicated to the Automatic Lathe and electronic plug-ins and other types of follow-up metal parts flat spaces and grooves bit cutting.

►High efficiency , stable performance , saving manpower , enhance corporate image and competitiveness within the industry , optimizing product mix, a daily output of about 3000-12000 machine parts, cutting the amount depending on the product and the material may be.

►The equipment is mainly applicable to a variety of shaft, electronic plug-ins, and all kinds of kits , suitable for machining parts Material lead, copper, iron and other metal or non-metal processing.

►Diversification of processed products , the adjustment of the machine longer easy, just making the manufacture of the corresponding jaw clamps or clips , and feeding a part , equipped with the appropriate blade , while adjusting knife shaft speed , blade position can be, very easy to adjust, knife seat shell.

►Adjust the horizontal direction with a scale with the handle adjustment for reference.

►Machine fairly stable in the production process only adjusted after a period of time to bring the size of the change of tool wear , the operator simply placed in the required direction of simple parts to be processed can be placed in the trough , the process by the PLC control , hydraulic system.

►System drivers automatically, vibration plate automatic cutting , cutting, operator while sampling product quality, usually each person can operate three machines , saving labor costs.

►Cutting power head by a large machining center molding, using paired bearings , stable and reliable ; meet the requirements of high- speed operation , speed setting range 100-4000r / min.

►The machine suitable for processing large quantities of high precision products , our unique fixture design to meet the requirements of a variety of shapes machining , the maximum to meet different requirements of customers.

►Mechatronics design, small size , compact structure, shape is very beautifulConcept .

►Convenient tool clamping , clamping device with a compact , easy to adjust , easy maintenance , low noise and other products loose clip .
One person can operate 4 to 10 devices, the annual labor cost savings more than 30000 to 120000 , fool-operation mode.

►Saving time, effort, the provincial labor greatly improve production efficiency and cost control. Equipment prices cheaper than milling more convenient, higher precision, a single efficiency of about 1.6 times faster.

►According to the actual size of enterprise products can be specially made for automatic CNC milling equipment.