Greenhouse Evaporative Cooling Pad\\Cooling System\Cooling System

Greenhouse Evaporative Cooling Pad\\Cooling System\Cooling System

Product description:

Basic Info.

Model NO.: 5090/7090
Certification: SGS
Condition: New
Cooling Method: Direct Cooling
Usage: Green House, Livestock and Poultry House
Export Markets: Global

Product Description


Ø The frame: Galvanized frame and aluminum frame optional.

Ø The Material: Precious cellulose paper with space crossing linking technology, high absorbability, high water-resistant, anti-mildew and long service life.

Ø The feature:

1. Large evaporative area, cooling efficiency as high as 80%

2. The product contains surface active agent, natural water absorbability, fast pervasion speed and lasting effectiveness. A drop of water can diffuse in 4-5 seconds.

3. Height of natural water absorption is 60-70mm/ 5 min, 200mm/ 1.5h.

The advantages: The products don't contain phenol which easy to skin allergy and other chemical substances, it is safe, energy saving, environmental protective, economic and durable.
Type 7090 5090
H (mm) 1500, 1800, 2000 1500, 1800, 2000
W (mm) 600, 300 600, 300
D (mm) 100, 150, 200 100, 150, 200
H (mm) 7 5
a (*) across angle 45 45
b (*) across angle 45 45