Five Star Shield | triple monitor mine | Video | Power | Data | triple mine

Five Star Shield | triple monitor mine | Video | Power | Data | triple mine

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Star Shield
  • Model: Star shield WXD301DVP-12 / 24V or 220V

★ This product is divided into 12 / 24V and 220V two kinds, respectively, applicable to different voltage, you need to select, photographed contact customer service notes. ★

Special Warning: 0-220V market now appears that there is a serious general mine mine does not meet specifications, 12V 24V can be used on 220V power supply, lightning protection products, how can a trifling matter, please choose Lynx authentic, the company has a behavior sale ensure personal store at any time to find people phenomenon.

Product parameters:

product details:

Integrated multi-function mine that can monitor the system front of the camera power, video / audio, PTZ control circuit implementation surge protection respectively. It against induced over-voltage, and over-voltage damage caused by electrostatic discharge .

main feature:
1. Flow capacity, fast response
2. Multi-level protection circuit, residual depression
3. The core components of selected international brand products, excellent performance
4. ground through a special process to avoid signal interference
5. Small size, easy installation
6. Lightning with power failure LED indication

Installation and maintenance:
Input as an input, Output as an output, the input transmission line termination, output termination equipment to be protected.
Lightning protection systems and grounding wire to the ground bus reliable connection. Protector as close as possible to the protected equipment.
Protection no special maintenance, such as by a high voltage, lightning damage, (when the LED light is off, has lost lightning protection) please change.

Tips: Pro take the time to be sure to indicate what voltage V of!

CCTV multifunction surge protector (triple mine)

Applied voltage 12V / 24 220V (Optional)

RS485 data interface

Video interface BNC coaxial cable connection

After the lightning induced surges on the line ends will visit along the way on the line destruction, to destroy the camera at one end, an end to the destruction of the control room of the power supply network equipment monitoring console, etc. Lightning surge protection in general and marked out, in connection line end of the line, out of the devices connected to the protected.

We should pay attention to a problem that Indoor and outdoor ground how to accept Of course the best is grounded separately, lightning protection and grounding indoor use only as a last resort Flanagan ground three-wire power cord to do the ground; outdoor must be separately ground lightning ground wire and other power lines do not mix in one piece. to be separated to do. we all know that lightning protection and grounding wire as short as possible (which is proportional to the length of the inductor with, so we ask that close to ground, to minimize inductance) and to use the three-core cable ground wire to the ground in fact the idea is also true (without taking into account the distance and diameter and on the premise that the other line of electromagnetic induction under), but that line is mainly used in leakage protection, lightning protection and grounding mix prone to actually fight back with electrical accident.

Simple lightning protection and grounding monitoring:

First, monitoring pole

1, pole top mounted lightning rod; 2, bottom pole grounding of not less than 1.5 meters, the lightning rod, pole, three grounding conductive welding firm 3, installation of monitoring Combo or triple mine. , lightning ground wire is connected grounding (grounding rod is generally reinforced concrete foundation with the cage attached). some strict engineering requirements, grounding resistance less than 4 ohms.

Pole base is generally shallow, would not achieve a great grounding effect. In addition to grounding electrode buried at least 2 m depth, can be connected to the cage, lightning can also be connected to a ground electrode, if the ground electrode reaches 2 meters depth, is generally not a ground potential counterattack. pole grounding generally no less stringent requirements, if the requirements of grounding resistance less than 4 ohms, you have little to do in the pole the following additional ground network. ground connection galvanized, copper, solder, can not rust screws, tape wrapped like.

Second, the informal monitoring pole

1, the best camera Slant buried about 1 meter lightning rod installation location, make or buy local grounding (grounding rod), lightning conductors and lightning ground have now figured grounding (grounding deep, then the general there will be no counter), it is not the lightning rod as long as not particularly powerful minefields is required.

2, non-mined areas of outdoor surveillance unwanted lightning, do not want to be buried grounding rods at each point, it is near several cameras combined with a ground rod will do. But do not come to the ground to pick up the control room inside.

3, did not leave the building outdoor surveillance, when to go down the line every point ground wire, preferably before grounding into the room to find, can not find a host before entering the surveillance room, looking for building steel, metal water pipe , power outlet ground. there are cabinets do not find cabinet grounding, affordable cabinets are expensive equipment, in case of direct lightning strikes fear really fight back.

Third, the Indoor Camera

Lightning ground nearby with 220V ground connection, not on the need to ensure that each point has a ground wire to the ground along with other engine room access.

Fourth, the monitoring host

With room ground, cabinets, ground 220V outlets, which can be connected to pipes, covering multi-channel video mine, 485 mine, mine flapper, mine power modules are so ground.

Fifth, the need to monitor the general common SPD

Indoor and outdoor PTZ dome cameras with triple mine (Video + Power +485), but with the camera combo SPD (Video + Power), a dedicated network camera network camera mine (power + network ); indoor camera combo with money on mine, save money with a single-channel video mine; the control room to monitor the power system or lightning inserted row with lightning module (card power control box 35mm card slot), and another four 8-channel video mine, as well as 18 channels of video with 485 mine mine, there are 485 separate single lightning and lightning network, the multiplexed digital monitoring network host 8 Road 12 Road 16 Road 18 Road 24 Road network SPD.