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Antelope morning security | Korean version of the women's scarves wild mulberry silk commute OL small square scarf dual-use

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Product parameters:

  • Time to market: 2014 summer
  • Material: Silk
  • Shape: small square
  • Applicable season: Summer
  • Gender: Female
  • Color classification: classic chain - orange dream and drunk - Rose red sx040 - water towel small colt colorful carriage - fruit green carriage - red colorful carriage - orange sx107 - Princess pink gods Di - blue playground - green Playground - red small heart - green gold hall - pink pure Yan - sapphire blue pure Yan - sky blue golden hall - orange ornate holiday classic chain - black dust planet - red planet dust - purple Royal carriage - green peach heart - blue and white classic chain - pink dust planet - Rose
  • Scarf Brand: antelope good morning
  • Item No .: LY107
  • Style: scarf / scarf
  • Function: Decorative
  • Suitable for: youth
  • Style: Europe and the United States
  • Clothing style details: printing
  • Pattern: Other
  • Component content: 96% or more

fabric composition: Mulberry silk >
Process: printing >
Counter price: -- >
Product Number: Sx107 >
product name: handkerchief >
Size: 52cm * 52cm (± 5cm) >
Weight: 15 grams (± 5g bag) >
Packing: Transparent PP bag >
Colour: Multicolor >
Washing instructions: It is recommended to use neutral or weak acid detergent hand wash (such as shampoo, shower gel, etc.), not alkaline detergent (such as washing powder, soap, etc.), in order to better maintenance, so that the product bright and bright, extended use life. >
Tips: Manual measurement, please take into account the error of about 1-5 cm >

Sx107: gorgeous holiday

Sx017: playground - red

Sx110: small peach heart - blue and white

Sx095: dust planet - rose red

Sx095: dust planet - purple

Sx107: gorgeous holiday

Sx107: princess powder

Sx017: playground - red

Sx110: global - foundation

Sx110: small peach heart - blue and white

Sx107: playground - black

Sx107: Fruit green

Sx107: Retro green

Sx107: White background

Sx107: Fun carriage - red

Sx107: Colorful carriage - fruit green

Sx107: Colorful carriage - dark blue

Sx107: Colorful carriage - orange

Sx107: Flowers silk - orange

Sx107: Flower Silk - Light Blue

Sx107: Flowers - gray

Sx107: Pink - Pink

Sx107: Golden hall - rose purple

Sx107: Golden hall - orange

Sx107: Golden Hall - Pink

Sx107: Golden hall - gray purple

Sx107: Heart language - pink

Sx107: classic chain - orange

Sx107: Classic chain - black

Sx014: intellectual flower butterfly

Sx 007: wardrobe green side

Sx 028: Pony

Sx 101: Islands are purple

Sx095:Dust planet -Rose red

Sx095: dust planet - brown red

Sx095: dust planet - purple