Sri Lanka can network gas injected screw air compressor

Sri Lanka can network gas injected screw air compressor

Product description:

Nanning City in Europe Shengyuan Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is specialized in the sale of large-scale Guangxi gas compressor equipment, maintenance, energy-saving, equipment leasing, air compressor design and supply of spare parts service center. The company is now on the Hayes can Tongxinluo Compressor Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou City, the new giant wind Compressor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Guangxi market only authorized sales and service center.

Products include: Fixed, mobile Reciprocating Air Compressor ; Small, micro reciprocating air compressors ; Fixed, mobile-injected screw air compressor ; Injector vane air compressors ; Oil-free reciprocating , Screw Air Compressor ; Medium and high pressure reciprocating piston air compressor ; Special custom process air compressors and air purification air quality post-processing equipment.

Our products are widely used in factories, assembly and packaging, food, hospitals, printing, textiles, plastics, mold, automotive, chemical, wood processing, building materials processing, and other industries.

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