Electric watering piant zoom electric | paint watering can | aluminum pot metal

Electric watering piant zoom electric | paint watering can | aluminum pot metal

Product description:

Custom processing It is Types of Automatic spray gun Brand BALL
model BA-001A-450 Nozzle diameter 1.0 ~ 2MM Material Aluminum pot
Scope Home Improvement spray painting places public places Spray distance 400 (mm) Type of feed

1. Fill the watering can spray liquid, connected to the 220V AC power supply, according to

Down button switches, gun start, accompanied by strong vibration, seconds
After injection, and the normal operation of the sound turned low. The
And then press the switch on to work properly.
2. If you can not work, can debug the rotary knob back.
3. decontamination effective distance of 5-20CM, 45 degrees repeated injection
4. This is a high pressure water gun, prohibited muzzle people. When disabled high set

Electric Gun Description:

Textile Cleaning Gun vacuum principle, strong decontamination gun's design, need not be used in conjunction with an air compressor, itself a direct result of extreme pressure.

Easy to use, suitable for filling liquid spray gun oil or general cleaning solvents to facilitate clean decontamination effect.

Knitted fabrics, gray cloth, garments, dyeing industry suits, oil spot cleaning, washing machine grease it.
1. For computers, servers and other live cleaning work. There are electric generating pressure and prevent the traditional compressed air into the water to avoid a short circuit
2. Adjust the nozzle, can produce a mist or droplets loaded, the gun can be used for horticultural plants use water spray or spraying, safe and efficient.
3. Clean spray gun use to do housework. Kitchenware, glass doors and windows, bathroom toilet, watering can be filled within detergent and water. Adjusting the nozzle, remove stubborn stains
4. can be used for washing utensils. Flexible.
Note: Before using a pressure nozzle adjustment trial!
Spray gun head is prohibited person! Pressure dangerous!
* Is an advanced and efficient decontamination tools. It is suitable for high pressure liquid sprint to achieve decontamination capabilities.

* Advanced technology, reasonable design, high injection pressure, decontamination capability, performance and stability. Is knitting and dyeing. Apparel.

Advertising printing and other industries the most perfect ideal of decontamination tool