Bu ru ka ッ ド ー za with Tatari ッ Suites Bldg

Bu ru ka ッ ド ー za with Tatari ッ Suites Bldg

Product description:

1. Clubs ni zu ~ te:
Clubs wa "Mizuno City" と shi te known ra me cry ru Shandong Province ni thou ~ te い ru. Good い place と convenient na transportation authorities wo yue shi む. そ me cry ni clubs の Mika force ga very で, apply to area wa 70,000 square メ ー Suites Hikaru gu ra い, 300 の Cong Industry members ga い ru. そ の u chi 6 の Engineers, 16 の Higher Graduate door EVAL nn ji ni ア moo containing san で い ru. Clubs wa advanced na equipment ga entire ~ te ~ te, various の ma シ ni nn Corning, welding, NC ka ッ Suites, heat treatment, Mika omen, ken check equipment 336 ã ッ Suites で various の Graduate with products と nonstandard products の design の production ya products の open hatsu wo shi te い ru. Clubs ga last ma de hold zoku may na hatsu exhibition Zhan slightly wo former active ka zu indeed Mira ni understands desu desu san で い ku.
2. Products ni zu ~ te:
Wa ga agency wa Kuang Shan ya Carboniferous の mining use Bldg ッ Suites ni wa ji ma ~ te, シ Hikaru ド Bldg ッ Suites ya ro Tatari an have Bldg ッ Suites wo containing む new shi ku, underground mining Kuang ya pavement excavation ya Suites nn Neko Hikaru NADO の basis fortifications で applicable Connecticut re ta Bldg ッ Suites の open hatsu ni efforts Circular te い ru. Yang 々 na holds video game, Hikaru お び Cytec zu ga yo use で ki ru.
When the agency の products: underground Tie ya Suites nn ne ri nn Jewellery excavation by の Bldg ッ Suites, earthworks ya underground mining Kuang with の Bldg ッ Suites, シ Hikaru ド Bldg ッ Suites (Cytec ド grades ッ center have Bldg ッ Suites, su ku Ritz ー Ailuropoda ー grades ッ center have, as have ra ー video game ィ su ku ka ッ center have Bldg ッ Suites, ã nn center have video game ィ su ku ka ッ center have Bldg ッ Suites), road excavation by の Bldg ッ Suites, perforation Bldg ッ Suites by NADO wo containing む い の Yang Qi holds 々 na video game Hikaru wo shi te い ru provided.

3. アプリケーションについて:
Made me cry wa ko ni Kuang main industry, underground Tie, metallurgy, water conservancy, road, ga su exploration wells Kobe excavation, underground fortifications の ta Circular use sa ni ma si me cry.
4. When the agency selected wo bu reasons:
7 years pu ro の の Fu Feng Jing omen na Production
Long life, high hardness, super abrasion resistance, high energy efficiency, ultra letter Dependent resistance, ultra-safe い
HI-Te ku wo shi te production Applied promote sa se wo ru
Ni precision machining, iwa ken check shi shi ku, advanced equipment と na da Graduate door Engineers

Since the club の founded, I 々 wa お off 様 ni High to Low quality の products wo provide shi te い ru Credit ni base づ ~ te, I 々 ha near い future ni お off 様 と の Bldg ji Neko su relationship wo establish su ru ko と wo yue shi late ni shi te い ru. お off 様 の requirements wa private ta chi の の target desu forever.

お い ask co-wa se:
Moo shi ka ご Ho chi asked ya ta kara-do private の yo u na wo necessary assistance, お trade ma Neko Genki Qing ni ya ー ー ji ni お い ask co-ku wa se da sa i.
I will 々 wa zu passenger 様 の お ni ku Eri time ご return within 24 shi ma si organic matter. For more information wo shi い の DAISY send E メ Hikaru ~ te ku da ni sa i.

Contact me:
conicial bits road planning bits drilling bits coal mining bits / miner bits Drilling tools
shield driving bits / Cutter bits for shield tunneling shield driving cutters construction flat teeth /
CITIZEN underground road, water and sewer, ga su tube, wire and underground fortifications NADO の ka sa zu ni i ma si te me cry
の シ ョ ベ Hikaru various zu ni ka sa i ma si te me cry.

Additional information

- Support partial payment い: L / C T / T
- Hatsu sent to: 20days
- Origin: CHINA
- Minimum amount Annotation: 1PCS
- Remarks: E メ - Hikaru: daisy@rzcutters.com carrying Bands telephone: +86 635-2936706 86-13656355313 ー fu ASTON LEC su: +866352929139 MSN: lijimei_89 @ 163 com.