Flat bits\bucket teeth

Flat bits\bucket teeth

Product description:

cashing teeth / Flat bits/ quick change tip
1. head of tungsten carbide tip is fired by vacuum
2. ISO9001 and CE

cashing teeth / Flat bits/ quick change tip

We produces a full range of tools and tooling systems for Piling and foundation drilling . Our facilities ensure economical production methods and on-time deliveries as well as high quality products. 1. Kennametalcode: C31, C32, C31HD, U40HD, C3FSR, CH31SR, C34FSR, C35, C4 . Holder C30, U402. Betek code: BTK01, BTK03, BTK06, BTK10, BTK12, BTK16, BTK26, BTK62, BTK70 and so on . Customised picks can be manufactured upon request. offers a complete range of Round shank chisel for Pile Piling and Foundation Drilling .

BFZ 72 BETEK bucket teeth/ flat bits/ quick change bars Main features 1) high durability due to wear-resistant tempered steel 2) high grade tungsten carbide tip 3) excellent rotation (and thus uniform wear) and secure seating due to a clamping sleeve 4) high degree of solder quality 5) extraction groove for easy tooth replacementWe can offer flat teeth

We can design and produce different bits according to different hardness of rock to

satisfy customer's different requirements, meanwhile we also can help our customers

to design, produce and repair all kinds of cutter drums.

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