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tungsten carbide drill bit

tungsten carbide drill bit
  • tungsten carbide drill bit
  • tungsten carbide drill bit
  • tungsten carbide drill bit
  • tungsten carbide drill bit
Product code: 26058200001
Unit price: 5-10 USD
Price unit:
Minimum order: 1000
Other info: Black White Gold Silver
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It is a professional manufacturer of rotary bits.

coal mining bits, flat bits, shield driving cutters.

and other kinds of construction cutters.

Company also pays the same emphasis on

independent research and development.

design and sales service as manufacture.

Standard: U series & S series

U47, U82, U84, U85, U92, U94, U95, U765; S100, S120, S135, S150, S160, S170 etc. Most of all, we are able to undertake

all kinds of production design as the customers required.

Non-standard: RZ-J016, RZ-J025, RZ-J046, RZ-J050, RZ-J067-2, RZ-J087, RZ-J094 etc.

ZL200920018077.6, ZL200920018078.0: S100-N, S120-N, S135-N, S150-N, S160-N, U47-N, U82-N etc.
New products: U84JB, U94JB, U95JB, S135JB, S150JB, S170JB

Product description: full-size steel body, made by the material-the 42CrMo and YG11C & YG13Cfired by vacuumtungsten carbide tip, having high toughness and wearable character, Which are to make sure the good performance during working.

Product application: Products are widely used in coal mine, mining tunnel, subway project, metallurgy, water conservancy project, highway projects and other projects (excavation machines, shearers).

Main market: Japan, Australia, the Middle East, Canada, USA, Arab, Russia, South Africa, German, Poland, Englandetc.

We can design and produce different bits according to different hardness of rock to satisfy customer's different requirements, meanwhile we also can help our customers to design, produce and repair all kinds of cutter drums.

Sincerely welcome to our factory and contact us at any time.


Shoulder name Ms. LI

Telephone designation 86-0635-2937-606

Domicile China Shandong Liaocheng No. 7, Songhua River Road.

E メ - Hikaru: daisy@rzcutters.com