iGo6 ISMK Kit

iGo6 ISMK Kit

Product description:

1. Intelligent Variable Voltage electronic cigarette with smart OLED display

2. Also supports customized functions like resistance detection, puff count reset, self-lock time settings

3. User friendly interface

4. Displays Battery charge status and no. of puffs consumed

5. Giant CE7 clearomizer; holds upto 2.5 ml

6. Replaceable atomizer head; simply replace the atomizer head if its broken, saving a lot of money from buying a whole new clearomizer

7. On/ off function: users are able to turn on and off the battery by clicking the button


Clearomizer 1 pc

Li battery

1 pc


1 pc

Carrying Case

1 pc

User's manual

1 pc


Length of the battery 132.6 mm

Diameter of the battery

23 mm

External thread

M7*0.5 mm

Battery capacity

2200 mAh

Fully charged battery can stay for

2200 puffs

Charge time

4 hrs

Battery life (charge & discharge cycle times)

more than 300 times

Packing size

170*104*75 mm


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