orthopedic adjustable lumbar back support brace for lumbar protection

orthopedic adjustable lumbar back support brace for lumbar protection

Product description:


adjustable and good permeability
CE, FDA, ISO9001
relieve back pain, correct body gesture and protect back from injury


Product name

high elastic black lumbar back waist support strap brace belt with suspenders

Model number



Fish line cloth, Medical PP strips, high elastic nylon cloth




S/ M/ L/ XL/ XXL


S 400g; M 440g; L 480g; XL 520g; XXL 560g


S 520g; M 560g; L 600g; XL 640g; XXL 680g


CE, FDA, ISO9001, BV


1. Far infrared anion brace added nano-scale far infrared anion and thermistor materials in the basis of traditional.

2. Thermoelectric effect and piezoelectric effect.

3. Combine tourmaline with nano-materials, it can resonate with the human magnetic field.

4. It releases heat, anion, and far-infrared ray to bring about the thermal effect.


1 . Improve local and systemic blood circulation

2 . Relieve pains and compression for muscle injuries and general low back dysfunction , injuries to the lumbar discs, and sacroiliac joint dysfunction

3 . Help to relieve abdominal pain

4. Help to trim your belly fat and slim your waist .


This Adjustable Shoulder Back Lifting Support is recommended to those who:

Have a great deal of physical activities at work or at home;

Lift and move heavy objects; Spend long hours driving or have a job which lacks movement;

Suffer from or ever experienced lower back pain, osteochondrosis or lumbago;

Have undergone surgery on the lower section of the spine.