AFT-201 fashionable Korean lumbar support\traction belt, lumbar back support with CE certificate

AFT-201 fashionable Korean lumbar support\traction belt, lumbar back support with CE certificate

Product description:


material: elastic nylon fabric cloth, memory steel strip
South Korean style
OEM accepted
CE, BV and ISO9001

AFT-201 fashionable Korean lumbar support/ traction belt, lumbar back support with CE certificate

Product Name

Lumbar Support for Summer

Item No.



High elastic nylon fabric cloth, super quality fish line cloth, Memory steel stripe


Blue, Yellow, Black


M, L, XL.


M 180g; L 200g; XL 220g


M 86 cm; L 102cm; XL 114.5cm


20 cm


Reduce inflammation and swelling, relax muscles and stop/ prevent spasm


1 pc/ opp bag, 40bags/ carton

Carton Size: 36*72*38cm


CE/ FDA/ BV/ ISO9001: 2008



1. Korea style, leading fashion, blend Korea design style, attractive design, stylish appearance

2. Thinest one, super breathability, the imported nylon mesh cloth has the ability of super elasticity, wear comfortablly, protect waist, silmming &shaping.

3. Six medical PP strips, strengthen fixed, perfect protect waist from damage. Eliminate waist fatigue, relieve waist pain, reduce waist burden; prevent and treat strain of lumbar and muscles, lumbar disc herniation


1. Fits the body contour dynamically

2. Relaxes muscle spasm and prevent Hermiated Intervertebral Disc

3. Keep the body straight, promote normal physiological posture

4. Six flexible stays enable the support tomaintain dynamic and firm stability during activity


It is suitable for the people

Who suffer from lumbar diseases and the people whose lumbar is not well

Who always standing or sitting, as driver, sitting workers

Who usually take part in sports

Who love fashion and like slimming and shaping

Daily maintenance

Please put it on the dry and ventilated place, GUARD AGAINST DAMP

Please do not always keep it under the sun, no more than 2 hours each time

Please keep clean while wearing

Don't put together with magnetics ( as bank card, phone, ect)

Don't soak for too long time

Don't use iron

Why customers choose this term?

1. Top quality, material with perfect permeability.

2. High elastic fiber cloth, fine texture, soft handle, soft touching feel.

3. Simple usage.

4. Double-effect high elastic belts which is tighten and constrictive on waist and abdomen, and then reduce weight and sliming waist.

5. Supporting the waist and helping prevent waist secondary injury.

6. Conducive to the waist function's balance.