Breathable lower back support belt suitable wear in summer

Breathable lower back support belt suitable wear in summer

Product description:


lower back support belts
lower lumbar support belt
Breathable, thin and light
support lower back and improve lumbar discomfort


High elasticity breathable elastic belt, elastic steel-based materials, carefully designed processed. It has equipped with beautiful, lightweight, comfortable, with good breathability. Waist fixed support, the main tightening and fixing the waist.

The features:

  • Double Pull Adjustable Straps for Custom fit

  • Excellent Quality and Durability

  • Four 6 long straight rods to provide Great Stability and Support to Lower Back.

  • Provides Support, Stability, Posture and Pain Relief

  • Available in Small, Medium, Large and X-Large Size

  • Available colors: black

Mainly for the lumbar spine disease patients before and after a reset, to local fixed lumbar support, mitigate or reduce lower back muscle pain, soreness, not the spread of disease, this belt contains four steel support plate fixed on the waist with health care and the role of , is in the rehabilitation of patients during treatment activities in a safe range of essential supplies.