SPA Beauty Moisture Cotton Gel Elbow Protecter

SPA Beauty Moisture Cotton Gel Elbow Protecter

Product description:


SPA Beauty Moisture Cotton Gel Elbow Protecter
Material: 90% feather yarn, 10% Spandex
Gel: 100% TPR
Free Size (12cm-15cm)

SPA Beauty Moisture Cotton Gel Elbow Protecter

Elbow: 90% cotton, 10% Spandex

Gel: 100% TPR


Size: Free Size (12cm-15cm)

Material: 100% Moisturizing Gel

Ingredients: plant gel, natural lavender essential oil, vitamin E, jojoba oil, olive oil and so on.

Suitable for:

Chapped elbows person

Long-term dry peeling elbow

Elbow skin dull, rough, dull

I hope the skin more smooth, more flexible

[ Efficacy ]

1 unique design, easy and comfortable to use ( wear can nourish the skin , say goodbye to all kinds of greasy moisturizers )

2 . Quickly improve skin smoothness, effective exfoliating dead skin

3 long-lasting moisturizing , deep nourish and enhance skin elasticity

4 stick , cracked hands can prevent or alleviate pain , improve hand dry skin, aging condition

5 . Relieve fatigue , promote hand microcirculation

[ Use]

After a hot bath or wash their hands , wear gloves, about 30-60 minutes SPA gel

For moisturizing dry skin or skin when worn that have a direct effect .

Use the four seasons can be readily used in conjunction with emulsion and nutrition.

nutrients due to contact with the skin and is absorbed , along with increased use and will gradually reduce the number of times , so please replace the use of the new 5-7 months.

recommended to use 2-4 times a week for better results.

[ Washing ]

water temperature below 30 degrees , hand wash .

Do not bleach , do not dry clean

Use a neutral detergent

cool dry place away from direct sunlight .

When not in use, flat collection.

Do not peel the inside of the glove hand to gel

Use Tips:

` With the appropriate skincare ( drugs ) , the better

` Do not use skin allergies than 30 minutes

` Socks surface, such as leaking white powder, which is vitamin E powder, is a normal phenomenon