Elbow Support - Bamboo Charcoal - Far Infrared Rays

Elbow Support - Bamboo Charcoal - Far Infrared Rays

Product description:


Bamboo Charcoal Ankle Support
1. Anti-bacterial
2. Anti fungal
3. Absorbs and emits infrared energy
4. Promote blood circulatio

Product Name

Bamboo Charcoal - Far Infrared Rays - Helps to reduce PAIN - NEW

1. Anti-Bacterial and anti fungal
2. With soft stays
3. Absorbs and emits Far Infrared energy this helps cell activation.

4. Promotes the blood circulation and general health in the long run
5. Prevents static electricity build up, no static shocks even in dry conditions
6. Fewer allergic reactions
7. Better moisture absorbtion than normal fabrics which disperses sweat making it feel normal and comfortable to wear
8. Will feel dry on hot days but the excellent on cold days due to the porous nature of the fabric

Manufactured with finest material and high grade Spandex yarns. 100% computerised knitting technique keeps users comfortable, healthier and are stylish to wear.
These quality compression knee supports have the advantage of providing the right pressure that helps the circulation and keeps the body warm. Also they are knitted anatomically and are seamless which is proven to be much more comfortable.