48 Inch Running Speed Training Parachute for Speed Sled Football or Baseball

48 Inch Running Speed Training Parachute for Speed Sled Football or Baseball

Product description:


Dimension: 40''48 56 diameter
Material: 190T Polyester, light but strong
Adjustable Waist: Approx.


Resistance trainning, improve explosive power, speed and core strength

1, provide an umbrella surface resistance can be adjusted, so it can provide different according to the different needs of the individual, this is GoodU unique drag umbrella. (to ensure the durability of the products, not the product dragged walk on the ground)

2, the umbrella body is light, an outer bag configuration, easy to carry.

3, the high level professional athletes can wear more than 2 parachute carry out special training.

4, according to the different speed, can provide 5-15 kg of resistance.

5, adjustable belt for all types of users.


- It can provide 5-15 KG resistance according to different running speed.

- Fully functional unit includes parachute and belt with velcro closure

- Trail behind the athlete at a parallel or a slightly downward angle of force to maximize resistance

- Mesh panels provide stability and reduce shifting

- Velcro Quick Release for overspeed training

- Attached by velcro around your waist

-The umbrella belt can be adjusted, so it can fits for many kinds of size.

- The resistance plane is 1M * 1.2M.

-Comes with a compact storage bag

Why do you use Resistance Force Umbrella?

When you take the parachute run, due to air resistance will generate backward drag force, the faster you run, the drag force is bigger, through this exercise, can improve the acceleration ability, improve muscle endurance, enhance the ability to adjust the direction of the high speed running.