Pilates Barre Crossfit Cross Training Resistance Yoga Exercise Band

Pilates Barre Crossfit Cross Training Resistance Yoga Exercise Band

Product description:


Exercise Pilates Yoga Band And Resisitance bands
For General Strength Training
Colorful and can be customized

High quality exercise/ resistance bands available in green, Yellow, Red, purple, Blue.

Excellent for helping in rehabilitation, yoga and resistance training.

Used extensively by physiotherapists to help in rehabilitation, improve range of movement and

improve co-ordination.

It can be packed away easily taking up no space, so its great for travelers who want to maintain

their exercise program while on the move or simply a handy piece of low cost exercise equipment

to use at home.

The exercise / resistance band is an excellent fitness accessory.

Recommended by physiotherpists as part of rehabilitation or extensively used in

exercise ranging from Pilates, yoga, callanetics and general strength training.

Due to compact size this product is exellent sports equipment for people on

the move.

What you can do by it:

`You can perform a wide variety of upper and lower- body exercises with these stretch bands

`Tone and strengthen abs, arms, legs and back

`Tightens abdominals

`Slims thighs and buttocks

`Develops shoulders and back

`An excellent alternative to conventional weights

`Effective when performing Yoga and Pilates exercises

Especially beneficial for safe stretching'

`Can improve range of motion and flexibility