postpartum pelvic contraction orthopedic belt

postpartum pelvic contraction orthopedic belt

Product description:


High quality neoprene
FDA, CE, ISO9001 certificates
Customized order is ok

Description of the pelvic belt

1. The postpartum support belt is designed to be easy to put on without assistance.

2. Grip the support at each end and place the loop pad over your abdomen.

3. Stretch, and touch the hook to the loop, and your support is secure!

4. Adopt high quality stretch breathable elastic material, give pelvis strong support, tighten loose pelvis effectively.

5. Easy to wear by yourself, not easy to slide, comfortable to wear.

Applicable of the pelvic band belt

1. Pregnant women: postpartum 5-7days, you can wear it. After pelvis recovery, this product also has the function of butt lift and abdominal curl.

2. Perennial sedentary women: wear 8 hours per day, can lift the butt, correct pelvis

3. Suitable for women who have delivered the baby six weeks ago.