maternity support belt abdominal support belt

maternity support belt abdominal support belt

Product description:


Wear your favorite pre pregnancy clothes longer and get back into prepregnancy clothes sooner

Pregnancy belly band IS PERFECT FOR:

that in-between stage, when your pre-pregnancy pants are just a little too tight and maternity pants are still too big

layering under maternity tops or for extra coverage while nursing

after baby birth, as you transition back into your pre-pregnancy pants

When you first start to get that little hint of a baby bump (between 12-20 weeks) , a belly band will allow you to continue to wear your own jeans, unbuttoned until it's time for actual maternity jeans.

Once you make the switch to maternity jeans (between 20-28 weeks) , most likely they will be a little loose until your belly gets really big, and the belly band will help hold your pants up.

When you're reaching the end of your pregnancy (between 28-40 weeks) , your maternity jeans start to get pushed down by your giant belly, and the band will help keep your jeans in place.

Then there is after you have the baby. once you give birth, you'll be transitioning back to your pre-pregnancy jeans, and the band will transition with you until you can finally button the front of your favorite pre-pregnancy jeans again.