Maternity Support Belt

Maternity Support Belt

Product description:


Detailed Features:
Reduce the lower back pain and fatigue during pregnancy.
easy adjustment to wear.
good for baby's growth

Why does the pregnant woman need Maternity Support Belt ?

1. Provides ultimate support to the lower lumbar region, abdomen and hip area to help

provide relief of lower back pain and discomfort during pregnancy.

2. Effectively prevents the formation of stretch marks by helping to avoid overstretching of the skin, but without restricting the baby's movement.

3. Helps to correct physiological position of your baby at the late stage of pregnancy.

hence prevents complications during pregnancy and labour.

4. Helps relieve pressure on mother's organs caused by baby, allowing easier breathing.

and less problems with bowels and water works.

5. The support also encourages correct posture, relieving stress on the lower back caused by misalignment of the spine due to pregnancy.

eatures and benefits for Maternity Support Belt

Adjustable Velcro closure, great for easy adjusting & finding the right fit.

  • 100%cotton and velcro.the product is made of high quality elasticity belt, which is ligh soft and comfortable for dressing .

  • Machine washable

  • Maternity Support Belt gives amazingly comfortable support for your bump.

Function of Maternity Support Belt

* helps ease back pain
* offers maximum comfort for expectant moms
* provides gentle support throughout pregnancy
* gently lifts and supports stomach
* helps to reduce urinary frequency
* is comfortable against skin
* is easy to wear, adjust, and remove
* is made from lightweight, breathable OK cloth
* stretches to fit the natural curves of your body
* adjustable Velcro closure for easy fit
* back panel provides extra support