A set Silicone Soft Form Toe Separator\Finger Spacer For Manicure Pedicure Nail Tool

A set Silicone Soft Form Toe Separator\Finger Spacer For Manicure Pedicure Nail Tool

Product description:


Toe Separator Straightener
1. Protects toes
2. Made of Silicone
3. Free samples

Most adult feet have a host of problems in the form of bunions, high/ low arches and general pain and difficulty. Many of these problems are caused by the muscles and ligaments of your feet stiffening and bunching up. This locks up your feet so your bones and joints cannot move easily which means your foot does not work like it is meant to. In turn this stiffening up of the muscles in your feet affects your posture and gait. Unless you are going to have a regular foot massage this can lead to all sorts of problems. And not only in the feet but also up into the hips and lower back and other parts of your body as these areas start to try and compensate.

Key Feature:

u One Size Fits most toes.

u It does not only reduce toe and foot discomfort but also can alleviates Tension, Straighten bent, toes stretches and aligns toes.

u Realign Joint and improve your toe balance/ foot strength, Stretch cramped toes and revitalize tired feet.

u Like a spa therapy for your feet that can increase feet blood circulation, Heat Pampered Toes for a warm therapeutic treatment.

u Chill Pampered Toes to relieve swelling and pain, Relaxes your toes while it aligns and stretches your foot muscles, Great for use at home or during travel.

u Fits between, above and beneath toes to gently stretch them apart and away from the balls of your feet

u Increasing balance, sure-footedness, joint range, co-ordination

u Tight & weak muscles become more flexible and resilient

u Water proof design allows you to stretch your toes in the bath or foot spa

u Highly soft gel material


u Length: Apporx. 13.5cm

u Max Width: Apporx. 4.2cm

u Max Height: Approx. 1.9cm

u Material: Silicone gel

u Color: Blue

Doctor Recommended

Being in shoes or high heels all day can really take a toll on your feet. Luckily, by placing toes in a separated position, weakened muscles become more flexible and resilient. After using YogaToesregularly, the joints in your toes should begin to realign as tissues become supple and strong again. Realignment and greater mobility are the main components in fending off pain as well as a variety of other conditions, including claw toes and hammer toes

Package included:

u 2pairs Gel Toe separators Stretchers

u Packing: 140pairs/ ctn

u Carton size: 45*35*28

u G weight: 13.3kg