Waist cincher Waist Tummy Girdle Body Control Shaper Cincher

Waist cincher Waist Tummy Girdle Body Control Shaper Cincher

Product description:


SEXY WAIST CINCHER with high quality.
High quality&low price
OEM&ODM is available


This is high quality Slim Body Belt that slims your entire midriff instantly! It gives you firm control

Unlike other product in the market. This Slim Body Belt is designed specifically to encourage correct

posture and visually trim weight. This product does not irritate and can be used for longer time.

The Instant Body Slimming Shaper: Ever wished you could skip the diet.

and exercise routines, yet instantly shrink dress sizes when needed? Ever

wished you had a firmer bust, sexier waistline and a tighter bottom?


Material: Polyamide + Spandex.

3Colors: Black, red and white


XS 54-56cm S 59-61cm

M 64-66cm L 69-71cm

XL 74-76cm XXL 77-81cm

XXXL81-86cm 4XL 89-91cm

5XL 94-96cm 6XL 99-101cm

7XL 104-106cm 8XL 109-111cm


Makes your waistline look a few centimeters smaller and a few kilos lighter

4-way adjustable system immediately transforms you from flabby to fabulous.

Superior quality microfiber - very airy and comfortable.

Made from light, breathable microfiber.

Tightens tummy and back, lifts bottom.

The X design lifts and shapes your buttocks and straightens your posture.

U design around the chest area to support and lift your breasts.

Available in all sizes.

  • Perfect to wear underneath your favorite pair of jeans, dress or business suit.

  • A discreet dual front and back split makes visits to the washroom easy and convenient.