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10W LED Induction flood light

10W LED Induction flood light
  • 10W LED Induction flood light
  • 10W LED Induction flood light
  • 10W LED Induction flood light
  • 10W LED Induction flood light
Product code: 26040200001
Unit price: 10-15 USD
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Minimum order: 100
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Product Features

Optical light distribution, no glare, no light dye, strongdirectionality, high evenness.

10w high power LED chips encapsulation.

Constant voltage and current driver, stable rectification; constant voltage and current power supply, the instantaneous start; 0.95powerfactorabove, high power, efficiency; safety and reliability.

Generous and novel designed for Lamps shell with best integrative heat dissipation function.

Reflectors surface anodic oxidation, fit withlight source integration, high light efficiency.

Surface treatment with static spray-paint, high temperature and weather resistant, colorful.

The Lampbody with highpressuredie-castingaluminum, compactstructure, strong corrosion resistance.

The Lamp bode with reliable silicone rubber seal, resistance to high temperature over 150 degrees, not aging; reliably sealing, waterproof and dustproof.

Sense the human body temperature by infrared and then enable the switch.

Intimidate intruders, with preventive effect, as long as the temperature and light induced a close range, instant lighting, this can effectively deter thieves.

Automatic turn off the lights, savingspower: Can set induction lamp start-up time for day or night time only, the lighting time can be set to the 5 seconds to ~5 minutes, automatically turn off after the set periods of time.

Main application place

The places no need long time lighting. Like the fire lane, the lane, the balcony, the gateway of apartment/ homes/ building, or public outdoor.