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LVL packing material | Polyster pu ra plywood

LVL packing material | Polyster pu ra plywood
  • LVL packing material | Polyster pu ra plywood
  • LVL packing material | Polyster pu ra plywood
Product code: 26037300001
Unit price: 300-450 USD
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Minimum order: 20
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LVL radiolabeling board laminated timber と Hu ba me cry, thin ku ka ッ Suites shi ta radiolabeling plate wo what layer ni mo then shi te plate-ni shi ta mo の desu non-timber Xi い na の で, disinfection wa Do の ta Circular, strapping time の shortening wo may ni shi ma shi ta. heat-pressure of maximum 9.6 メ ー で Suites Hikaru ma de department may gi na の で, both Yang ni ー の お Applied え zu ni shi ma si.

Plywood と ha, wood wo thin ku Hiroshima ku layer ni shi ta mo の wo Head の direction wo Bian え na ga ra what layer ni mo then で Zhang ri co wa se, must の strength wo hold ta se ta a board の ko と wo words i ma si.

Ko の 2 species ha, manufacturing method wa-do chi ra mo then ni yo ru Zhang ri co wa se で out te into ru の ga Special Cheng で, wa Ryogoku side と moo non-timber 扱 い と na ri ma si on processed と na ru の で bale の occasion の output ken immune regulation.

Material: Polyster pu ra ra song ワ nn FOB Si lattice: $ 300-450

Cytec DANGER: 16-300mm thick

Web 10-1300mm

Within 9600mm long

Tolerance: + / -0.5mm, + / -1mm

Delivery time: 7-12 days

Test omen Report: RoHs 6 项 ken investigation, EVAL U ken check

characteristic: Ko の commodity strength ga yo ku te Paradise の behalf of the wa ri ni yo ku make wa me cry te い ru の desu. Steamed ka sa na ku te mo structure desu. Rectilinear ga good い, anti-ri, music ga ri ni strong い. Neko ji の retention ri.

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