Polyster pu ra LVL stud | radiolabeling laminated timber board

Polyster pu ra LVL stud | radiolabeling laminated timber board

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******** product description********

Name : Fumigation wooden lvl, LVL Brand : YELU

Origin : Ning County, Shandong Province, China Material: poplar, pine, eucalyptus

Size : Width : 10-1500mm tolerance : + / -0.5mm

Thickness : 12-300mm

Length: 9.6 m or less

Glue : F4 Star gum, E0 glue, E1 glue, urea-formaldehyde glue, glue triamine, melamine glue, etc.

Production cycle : In Stock 5-10 days

Surface : double-sided sanding, deburring, veneer

Transportation: logistics truck land transport, transport of container shipping 2-5 days

National Standard : GB / T6892-2000

Certification : ISO9002, the United States CE certification, fumigation proved, MOR testing. RoHs 6 item test, environmental testing

Characteristics and Uses : strength, up to three times the wood, the export fumigation, is a good alternative to wood materials, processing technology with wood as the eye can chisel, play money, grooving, etc.

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