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Radi Division 1000VA 600W delay 4 hours UPS power supply liquid crystal display | automatic switching machine H1000L

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  • Brand: Reddy Division
  • Model: H1000L

Radi Division 1000VA 600W delay 4 hours UPS uninterruptible power supply LCD automatic switching machine

Brand: Reddy Division (LDAIS) Model: H1000L 4H (4 hours)

configuration list:

A three-section battery box

Size: 1, battery box: Length 598mm X Width 433mm X Height 350mm

2, ups power supply host: 395mm X width 145mm X high 220mm

Weight: 1, Luo Jun 100AH ​​battery weight 26X3 = 78 kg + Reddy Division H1000L host weight 9 kg + battery box weight 15 kg = 102 kg

Applicable: Reddy H1000L main engine output maximum power 600W, the configuration of the three 100AH ​​battery can provide power for 600W within the device for 4 hours, single computer use 8 hours

Logistics Transportation: As a large battery with the outside, the general choice of logistics delivery, the specific freight according to different regions of the other proposed, please contact specific issues and customer service!

Warranty: Genius, three-year warranty or replacement