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Brassieres Brasen Brasher Brasher Brasher Brasher Brasher Brassieres

Brassieres Brasen Brasher Brasher Brasher Brasher Brasher Brassieres
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Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Spring / summer 2014
  • Brand: Iraq Health Ting
  • Whether the mall with the money: Yes
  • Style No .: YA underwear 1692
  • Color (color): color (wild) silver gray (fashion) pink (youth) big red (festive) black (noble)
  • Size: 75B 75C 75D 80B 80C 80D 85B 85C 85D 90B 90C 90D
  • Cup style: full cup
  • Cup thickness: ultra-thin cup
  • Cup fabric: nylon
  • Cup lining: cotton
  • Cup lining content: 95% or more
  • Flank Fabric: Polyamide
  • Flank lining: nylon
  • Mold Cup Fabric: Other
  • Fabric commonly known as: silk fabrics
  • Shoulder strap style: detachable hanging neck strap
  • Hasp row number: after five rows of hasp
  • Insert: cotton pad
  • Whether the steel ring: a steel ring
  • Bra style: U type
  • pattern: plain
  • Clothing style details: smooth
  • Function: gather
  • Applicable season: Summer
  • Suitable for: young women
  • Bra style: simple
  • Bra series: simple

Note: chest small inappropriate, this is a thin cup.If you usually wear thick cup or wear A cup, please do not buy

Size, according to the size we usually buy, such as 80B / 36B

Silk protein : 'White beauty' - pearl silk protein fiber, silk contains 18 kinds of amino acids the human body, matched with Yang Yan

Beads Powder blending made of pearl silk protein fiber, with a high aesthetic value, can accelerate the metabolism of skin cells and promote skin tissue

Again Vitamins, amino acids to enhance cell viability, delay skin aging, reduce wrinkles, and eliminate dark skin, the skin white and delicate,

fiber Like protein, can enhance skin elasticity, and moisturizing effect on the skin, fabric soft and comfortable, can effectively inhibit bacterial growth, reduce the reduction

Sunshine purple Outside of the human body against.

Ref: 1629

Name: mercerized fabric adjustable short bra

Material: pearl silk protein fiber

Color: pearl white, black silver-gray, complexion

Features: unique creative cup, looming to show sexy cleavage, natural concentration, shape the fullness of the chest, is every woman. Cup for the soft cup

People are dreaming of the realm.

Design features:

1, 100% natural thin cotton cup to make the chest natural breathing, perfect Breast effect suddenly out

2, 3D stereoscopic cutting, can be lost in the stomach abdomen, back, armpit fat homing, to the chest is not developed to provide room for growth, to the chest

Department of developed to provide a fixed role in improving the phenomenon of sagging breasts.

3, under the pressure, the effective allocation of armpit and back muscles to the cup, and to prevent movement of fat loss, improve chest sagging


4, widened to 17mm super-elastic shoulder strap design, can relieve shoulder pressure and restore the breast of the damaged ligament to enhance the sagging breasts.

5, feel smooth smooth silk protein material, soft embroidery patterns with powerful care chest design, absolutely make you put it down.

6, embedded in the chest magnetic therapy stone, can release the magnetic far-infrared, rapid improvement of human microcirculation, improve body tissue for self-stimulation

Susceptibility to stimulate the growth of acinar growth, while promoting metabolism.

Advantages and functions:

*Blocking to reduce UV *Can enhance skin elasticity *High air permeability *Moisturizing

*Promote blood circulation *Promote metabolism *Improve immunity *Enhance cell viability

*Eliminate the dark dark skin *Inhibit bacterial growth