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Holux GR-89 GPS Module

Holux GR-89 GPS Module
  • Holux GR-89 GPS Module
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Holux GR-89 GPS Module

Holux GR-89 GPS Module Features:

1. SiRF GSC3f chipset with embedded ARM7TDMI CPU available for customized applications in firmware.

2. 20-Channel GPS Receiver for fast acquisition and reacquisition.

3. Very compact size, only 25.4 x 25.4 x 3 mm.

4. 200000 effective correlators for fast Time To First Fix (TTFF) , even at poor satellite signal.

5. Built-in WAAS/ EGNOS Demodulator.

6. Low power consumption with Advanced Trickle-Power and Push-To-Fix mode.

7. Support NMEA-0183 v2.2 data protocol and SiRF binary code.

8. Real time navigation for location based services.

9. For Car Navigation, Marine Navigation, Fleet Management, AVL and Location-Based Services, Auto

Pilot, Personal Navigation or touring devices, Tracking devices/ systems and Mapping devices


Holux GR-89 GPS Module Specifications:

1. GPS technology: SiRF GSC3f GPS chipset

2. Frequency: L11575.42 MHz

3. C/ A Code: 1.023 MHz chip rate

4. Channels: 20 channels all in view Tracking

5. Datum: WGS84 (Default)

6. Size: 25.4 (W) x 25.4 (D) x 3 (H) (mm)

7. Weight: 3g

8. Power: input power (3.3V - 5.5VDC) ; Input current Less than 65 mA (without antenna)

9. RF signal input to RFIN pin from external antenna. DC supply from VCC_ANT_IN (pin 19) .

10. Minimum signal tracking: -159 dBm.

11. Two full duplex serial communication, CMOS 3V interface, with user selectable baud rate (4800-

12. Default, 9600, 19200, 38400) .

13. NMEA 0183 Version 2.2 ASCII output (GGA, GSA, GSV, RMC (VTG , GLL and ZDA for optional) ) .

14. SiRF binary-position, velocity, altitude, status output.

Read more about Holux GR-89 GPS Module on http: //www.holuxdevice.com/ holux-gr-89. html

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15. CertificateCE, FCC