Holux Tracker 005 GPS Tracker

Holux Tracker 005 GPS Tracker

Product description:

Holux Tracker 005 GPS Tracker

Holux Tracker 005 GPS Tracker Features:

1. Multifunction tracker for tracking and positioning

2. SMS or HTTP position report

3. Compact and lightweight

4. Download ephemeris from server through internet

5. Rechargeable lithium-ion battery

6. Lower power consumption

7. Water resistant

Holux Tracker 005 GPS Tracker Specifications:

1. GSM chip: MTK MT6223 + MT6139

2. Channels: 32 parallel channels

3. Dimension: 57.0 x 43.0 x 21.0 mm

4. Memory: 64 M bit NOR flash and 32 M bit SRAM

5. Key: 1 power switch and 2 function buttons.

6. Mini USB : Dedicate 12-pin Mini-USB connector with USB virtual port

7. Battery: 400 mAh, rechargeable, Li-Ion battery, 2.5 hours charge time

8. Periodic tracking with position fix at 15 minute interval: 60 hours.

9. Adaptor: Input (100~240 V, 0.2 A MAX) ; DC output (5VDC/ 1A)

10. LCD Display: 96*65 dots FSTN, Viewing Area: 27.8mm * 18.9mm

11. Protocol: GPRS class B, GPRS multi-slot class 12

12. Assist GPS: Support MTK GPS technology – EPO technology to shorten GPS cold start time.

13. Ability to receive and transmit SMS. Capability to setting or operating by SMS. And send 14.

location information with SMS.

15. Socket: Support TCP/ IP, to download data from or upload data to the dedicated server

16. Logs: Support Location log. The maximal number for location log is 70000 records.

17. Waterproof: IPX-6

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