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Holux Tracker 007 GPS Tracker

Holux Tracker 007 GPS Tracker
  • Holux Tracker 007 GPS Tracker
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Holux Tracker 007 GPS Tracker

Holux Tracker 007 GPS Tracker Features:

1. Track and report device's position and status to MDS

2. Can operate in continuous tracking, geofence and position lock

3. SOS buttons for sending emergency call

4. Wireless communication includes TCP/ IP, HTTP and SMS

5. With MTK EPO, it can get fast TTFF at distressed environment

6. All configurations can be set through Wireless SMS or USB interface

Holux Tracker 007 GPS Tracker Specifications:

1. CPU: High performance 32-bit RISC

2. GPS chip: MTK 3318

3. Dimension: 76 (W) x 42.5 (H) x 20 (D) mm

4. Weight: ≧68 ± 2g with battery

5. Memory: 64M bit NOR and 32M bit SRAM

6. Software OS: Multitask real time OS

7. Key: 2 function keys (SOS and position lock)

8. LED: 3 color LED (battery, operation and GPS status indication)

9. IO interface: 5-pin Mini-USB connector with USB virtual COM port.

10. Battery: 890 mAh, rechargeable, Li-ion battery, 4 hrs charging time.

11. Adaptor: Input (100~240V~0.3A max) ; DC output (5V/ 1.2A)

12. Socket: Support TCP/ IP and HTTP to download or upload data to the data server

13. Logs: Support location log, error log and debug log, Total size 1M bytes

14. Waterproof: IPX-6

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