Car diagnostic plug | OBD connecting plugs

Car diagnostic plug | OBD connecting plugs

Product description:

Upkey sale OBD plug (OBD connector OBD diagnostic OBD2 diagnostic plug handle, OBDII plug, OBD2 connector for OBD2 plug, OBDII connectors, J1962 connector) OBD2 diagnostic cable (OBD Auto Connector, OBD test line), Mercedes-Benz BMW test cable, OBD-reversing radar line, rear sight, four wheel alignment auxiliary wiring harness

Aoboke Technology Limited (upkey) professional production OBD car diagnosis connection device, OBD plug, OBD car diagnosis plug, OBD connection line, OBD car diagnosis connection line, OBD turned wiring, OBDII car diagnosis detection line, reversing radar line, reversing Hou sight, Mercedes-Benz BMW test line, all car diagnostic supporting line beam, medical equipment connection line, network communications even wiring, computer around line, power line, consumption class electronic connection line. Please contact!

The company supplied OBD diagnostic handles, OBD vehicle connector. Quality assurance, welcomed the consultation and negotiation.

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