OBDII test connection plug | OBD plug connection detection

OBDII test connection plug | OBD plug connection detection

Product description:

upkey sale of the OBD connector (OBD connector, OBD diagnosis of head, OBD2 diagnostic plug handle, OBDII plug, OBD2 connector, OBD2 plug, OBDII connector, J1962 connector ) OBD2 diagnostic line (OBD automotive cable, OBD car test line ) Mercedes-Benz BMW test cable, OBD cable reversing radar line, rear vision, wheel alignment supporting harness

Ao Boke Technology Co., Ltd. (upkey) specializing in the production of automotive diagnostic connector OBD, OBD plug, OBD automotive diagnostic plugs, OBD cables, OBD car diagnostic cable, OBD cable, after OBDII automotive diagnostic testing line, reversing radar line, reversing sight, Mercedes-Benz BMW test line, all automobile diagnostic supporting harness, medical equipment cable, network communication cable, computer peripheral lines, power lines and other consumer electronics cables. welcome!

The company supplies OBD diagnostic handle, OBD cable car. Quality assurance, welcome to consult the discussion.

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