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6MM / 0.6cm double-sided ribbon | diy handmade hair accessories bow ribbon material ribbon

6MM / 0.6cm double-sided ribbon | diy handmade hair accessories bow ribbon material ribbon
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Mo Mo jewelry
  • Accessory Type: Other Accessories
  • Color Classification: 593 # dark green 5 meters 473 deep purple 5 meters 813 # khaki 5 meters 850 deep coffee 5 meters 614 # yellow 5 meters 123 # light powder 5 meters 577 # light green 5 meters 352 sapphire blue 5 meters 686 # # Light coffee 5 m 156 # Rose red 5 m 587 # Green 5 m 150 # Pink 5 m 374 # Deep blue 5 m 210 # Watermelon red 5 m 23 colors 5 m each Please take 23 250 # red 5 m 030 # black 5 meters 161 # Meat powder 5 meters 311 # Light blue 5 meters 028 # Milk white 5 meters 430 # Light purple 5 meters 260 # Wine red 5 meters 314 # (Is the color number 317 #) Sky blue 5 meters
  • Material: Others
  • Condition: New
  • Price range: 1.00-9.99 yuan
  • New strange: network - characteristics
  • Item: double-sided ribbon

Yiwu Mo Mo Jewelry Co All pictures are 100% in-kind shooting, we can rest assured to buy

(name): high quality high quality Double - sided satin ribbon ribbon ribbon

(Size): 0.6Cm / 6mm / 0.6cm / 6mm

(Colour): In-kind shooting, such as completely can not accept the color of the customer, please buy carefully!

(note): Many stores are calculated in yards, 1 yards = 0.914 m (less than 1 meter). Mo Mo jewelry is calculated in meters Oh! Affordable to see!

(Features): All raw materials imported raw silk and European environmental dyes, Bright color, fine texture, washing fastness, dry friction strong, do not fade, smooth anti-wrinkle, feel flexible.

The use of ribbon is very broad Oh! Applicable to: headwear, fashion design decoration, shoes and hats packaging design, mobile phone decorative design, luggage packaging design, Christmas gift packaging, toys packaging, jewelry / gift packaging, food packaging design, product design (* ^ __ ^ *) ... ... only think of, and can not do, to play your imagination hands-on! (* ^ __ ^ *) ... ...

Note: the ribbon factory will be the case of the connector, shoot more than two meters of the occasional disconnect will occur, we will be a lot of 30CM, can not accept the pro please carefully shot Oh, thank you!

Please take the ruler before taking the appropriate comparison under the size, and then to purchase

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