Automobile adapter cable | OBD diagnostic test line

Automobile adapter cable | OBD diagnostic test line

Product description:

Shenzhen Ao Boke Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer OBD vehicle networking, car diagnostic data communication cable businesses mainly engaged in various car repair instrument equipped vehicle wiring harness, car lines, automotive connectors, medical-specific lines, computer peripherals communications cable, network cable development, production and sales of major products include:

1. Car Series: various cars dedicated cable, vehicle wiring, car audio line, GPS navigation with a line, each vehicle wiring system-specific diagnostic instruments, OBDII Series line, the special anti-theft system

Cable, and to undertake OEM orders.

2. Computer peripheral cable, network cable, computer lines.

3. medical equipment cables, extension cables and other various tests. The company's product range, wide coverage, economical and practical, products sold at home and abroad, the company has a number of professional and technical strong, high-quality technology development and management team, and in strict accordance with ISO-9001 international quality system for quality management.

We will be in quality, customer satisfaction business philosophy and dedication pragmatic, hard work and excellence of the entrepreneurial spirit, and resolutely implement the scientific management casting excellence, continuous improvement and the pursuit of customer satisfaction, quality policy, to provide users with reliable quality and credibility assurance ! Warmly welcome friends to guide work and business negotiations.

Enterprise Location: based on the high-end connector industry, the pursuit of perfect quality and the best service, innovation and development will not only become a technology-oriented manufacturing enterprises

Because we firmly believe that 'quality is the competitive dynamic', so in terms of quality service and constantly Innovation and change, and progress.

Corporate philosophy: [chichengxinhuligongrong, yihoudezaiwu]

Enterprise purpose: to strengthen internal management, to create brand-effective, ensure excellent quality, and pursuing a sincere service

Core values: realize the value of employees, manufacturing social

Corporate culture: seeking, innovation, collaboration and dedication!

The company supplies OBD diagnostic handle, OBD cable car. Quality assurance, welcome to consult the discussion.

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