DIN9250 flank security dish Lockwashers

DIN9250 flank security dish Lockwashers

Product description:

Product Name: flank safe dish Lockwashers manufacturing brands: SZJYD brand

English name SerratedSafety Washers

Standard: DIN9250S, VS-JBZQ4340

Specifications: S series (M1.6-M42) (general load); VS series (M5-30) (medium load)

Material: high-quality spring steel 65Mn, SK5 or high-quality spring steel 60Si2MnA 50CrVA and SUS304.316 (A2 A4.) Note: Stainless steel quality products by elasticity and hardness to improve the mechanical properties of hardened!

Finish: black, galvanized in addition to hydrogen, zinc magnesium coating Thatta Crow

Lockwashers description:

Full Name: flank security lock dish washer, also called double-sided double-sided embossing tooth lock washer washer disc spring washer relative terms than the average increase of the tooth surface patterns play a major non-slip locking role. By increasing the frictional resistance more effectively prevent security risks due to loose bolts work process and caused a sense flank lock washer is a conical spring washer improved upgrade products to meet the needs of different occasions. Sincerely, product phase relative performance stability and recognition is high. more mature prevent loosening washer products with high economic practicality, it has been widely widely used in various industrial equipment!

Dish Lockwashers mainly divided into two categories:

1, light: light load load S series general specifications covering M1.6 ~ M42.

2, heavy: Medium load VS series medium load specifications covering M5 ~ M30, contrast S series is more thick, more high load carrying capacity.

Sold promise: The sale of products strictly enforce enterprise manufacturing quality standards, the implementation of the National Warranty: If quality problems unconditional return or refund.