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SZJYD NFE25511 French washer M8 latest offer

SZJYD NFE25511 French washer M8 latest offer
  • SZJYD NFE25511 French washer M8 latest offer
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Jinyuan up enterprise specializing in the production (SZJYD brand) Executive NFE25511 law standards sided tooth lock washer., Also known as (tightening belts streak conical washer) referred (French washers) Common M3-M20 available spot inventory selling order you provide one-stop shopping service. superior quality reasonable price. welcome to join dealers. Now with a number of international long-term foreign trade enterprises exported to Germany. Italy and other countries and regions in Europe and America! (imported production equipment. professional technical team. advanced production process) growing in Jinyuan is your ideal partner!

French washer is called and features:

Tighten belts streak tapered gasket Code:. CS, referred to as the (French washers) and so on.

Product main functions:

1. Install the shim to the pressure level, which ensures tight stress on the part of the twist distribution.

2. Because there are streaks on the pads, it can prevent the screw or nut thread loosening.

3. Because of their elasticity, can compensate for the sinking assembly materials, the pressure loss is minimized

The dish is an improvement of product quality in line with DIN6796 standards, the working principle is to use the product in a rebound after the force generated by the tension played the role of non-slip locking .

Product use and installation:

Taking into account the locking action which marks the gasket, its thickness makes provision to amend the load is slightly lower than 8.8 screw

The use of pressure. In this case, the pressure in the distribution of parts to be tightened slightly uneven phenomenon.

If the gasket assembly must make maximum elastic reaction, preferably using the appropriate smoothing tapered gasket.

When installing streak tapered gasket, the concave side must be positive to tighten the parts.


Widely used in electrical control cabinets, electrical equipment communications equipment. Elevator, locomotive vehicle assembly for medical machinery and equipment and special equipment assembly industries.

The main material:

All ordinary 65mn spring steel and SK5. SK7 imported high-quality carbon steel and 304.316 (A2. A4) stainless steel etc. All products strictly elasticity and hardness of hardening hardening (including stainless steel products). Surface Treatment black oxide Salt Fog dehydrogenase and zinc galvanized coating magnesium Thatta Crow treatment.

Sold promise: The sale of products strictly enforce enterprise manufacturing quality standards, the implementation of the National Warranty: If quality problems unconditional return or refund!