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Lao Ente medicine cabinets

Lao Ente medicine cabinets
  • Lao Ente medicine cabinets
  • Lao Ente medicine cabinets
  • Lao Ente medicine cabinets
Product code: 25995800001
Unit price: 4000-5000 CNY
Reference price: 581.3-726.62 USD
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Product Usage

Operating temperature less than 20 ℃, cabinet humidity 35 ~ 74% RH, mainly used in hospitals, pharmacies, research and other departments need refrigerated storage of drugs and biological products. Effective volume has 260L compact, 450L (a), 900L (two door) and 1350L (three) four specifications.


1. Products using YY / 0086-2007 (medicines refrigerated containers) standard design and production, safety and health.

2. With digital temperature and humidity control, precise temperature and humidity display and control cabinet.

3. freezer using joists shelving, height adjustable joists, joist height can be adjusted depending on the height of the drug

4. freezer hollow glass door, there is a good seal and anti-condensation properties, and with a lock and hold open devices, to ensure drug safety.

5. Wide voltage band design, in the 187-242V voltage, satisfy most pharmacies, hospitals use conditions.

6. The top-mounted ultra-low compressor design, are equipped with condensate water from the evaporator, to avoid artificial drainage, easy to use.

7. Reasonable cold air circulation system design, uniform distribution of wind, temperature, even without refrigeration dead.

8. Set box on design, easy to put up posters of drugs and expand sales.

9. ultra frontier, effective volume, showing abundant drugs.

10. used in all the right door design, convenient to take place while the clerk drugs.