Hill heavy digging machine 907D air filter J170-07A-111000/112000

Hill heavy digging machine 907D air filter J170-07A-111000/112000

Product description:

JCM907D Hill redevelopment machine the whole car filter

Oil filter J170-03A-010200

Diesel filter J170-03A-010100

Fuel prefilter J213-05A-061000

Hydraulic oil filter J213-78A-050000

Pilot filter J213-84A-021000

Air filter J170-07A-111000/112000

Jining Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in close tough country's fourth-largest construction machinery manufacturing base, the hometown of Confucius, Jining City, Shandong Province is a set of engineering machinery, parts manufacturing, sales and technical maintenance as one of the operating joint-stock companies, with independent engineering machinery import and export rights; our corporate slogan is honesty, quality first, service innovation since the company was founded with suppliers and customers to establish a good solid relations of cooperation Our goal is to become the country's most professional bulldozers, excavators. parts suppliers.
Company products are divided into the following categories:

1, chassis parts: supporting wheels, guide wheels, child care sprocket, wheel, caterpillar, bolts, chain plates, chain links, rubber track, rubber damping block

3, the working parts: bucket teeth, bucket shaft, pin, sets.

4, maintenance parts: air filter machine filter diesel filter press filtrate pilot filter, etc.

5, the electro-hydraulic parts: a motor generator and other computer board switching relays

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