Hill heavy digging machine 907D hydraulic oil filter J213-78A-050000

Hill heavy digging machine 907D hydraulic oil filter J213-78A-050000

Product description:

JCM907D Hill redevelopment machine the whole car filter

Oil filter J170-03A-010200

Diesel filter J170-03A-010100

Fuel prefilter J213-05A-061000

Hydraulic oil filter J213-78A-050000

Pilot filter J213-84A-021000

Air filter J170-07A-111000/112000

Engine parts: engine assembly, cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft, connecting rod, oil pan, the eccentric shaft, four matching engine overhaul package, tile crankshaft, connecting rod bearing, big / small tile, tile thrust, forward / exhaust valve, intake / exhaust relief door gaskets, fuel injectors, high pressure pump, delivery valve, pump core, water pump, turbocharger and other pure components.
Komatsu hydraulic accessories: distribution valves, pumps bile, valve plate, cylinder, piston, swash plate, swash plate seat, abalone plate, drive shaft / drive shaft, coupling, return plate, thrust plate, shell, ball joints, swing seat assembly, spring, thimble, hydraulic valves, hydraulic cylinders series genuine parts.
Komatsu electrical accessories are: computer board, dashboard, display, solenoid valves, sensors, actuators, pressure switches, generator, starter, throttle motor, air-conditioning assembly, compressor, controller, control panel, the entire vehicle wiring harness Komatsu and other various pure accessories. Main Shantui bulldozer parts, Komatsu digging machine parts, guide wheel supporting wheels angle blade knife blade, gearbox parts, the whole car hose, filter, torque converter, back pumps, turbine guide, universal joints, transmission parts and assemblies, clutch forward gears, bevel gears and shafts, clutch assembly, brakes, final drives me.

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