Hill heavy digging machine 906D air filter J160-07A-011010/011020

Hill heavy digging machine 906D air filter J160-07A-011010/011020

Product description:

JCM906D Hill redevelopment machine the whole car filter

Oil filter J160-03A-051000

Diesel filter J160-03A-050400

Fuel prefilter J213-05A-061000

Hydraulic oil filter Y160-78A-040000

Air filter J160-07A-011010/011020

Jining Machinery Co. dense tough bulldozers, excavators accessories firm, specializing Shantui, Komatsu, Hill redevelopment machine excavator accessories whole car parts wholesale, retail, and provide Miscellaneous items!
Jin years, as the business continues to develop breakthrough win customer acceptance. 2014 the company adjusted the development strategy to further expand channels to Jining Hill pushed as a base for the country, with good service and integrity actively looking for partners, to do the most Shantui professional, Hill redevelopment machine excavator parts supplier.

The main products include: cab, computer boards, hydraulic parts assembly, engine hood, handle, cover, engine assembly, deputy plant chain, chain plate plastic pieces, slewing ring, quad area, horse head, cylinder , solenoid valves, hydraulic filters, overhaul kits, fan blades, air conditioning compressor, pre-filter, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic oil cooler, start / stop switch, Yanmar engine parts, couplings, four matching engine, swing / travel motor the motor output shaft, vertical shaft, wheel thrown, flywheel and so on.
The company insist on honesty, customer first, and mutual benefit for the purpose, adhere to the win-win principle, for your dedication to provide quality products, and preferential prices! Welcome you and look forward to your cooperation.

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